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Shree Holiday Home shriwardhan

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About Our Resort A perfect getaway to experience nature upclose. The resort is situated at Ojale Pakhadi, Shrivardhan and surrounded by a 'Wadi'. the term 'Wadi' in local term is the


Aapli Wadi shriwardhan

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(literally meaning Our Mansion with a Garden!) is a contemporary place yet essentially Konkani in nature! It is designed in such a way that one feels at home yet away from home! A perfect place to


Subhan Beach House shriwardhan

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Subhan Beach House - Beach resort in Shrivardhan right on the Beach!! Subhan Beach House is a resort in Shrivardhan which offers homely stay in Shrivardhan beach with comfortable accomodation to re


Savli (The Village) Resort Shrivardhan shriwardhan

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About Savli (The Village) Resort Shriwardhan The Savli Resort / Hotel, is fully committed in striving towards maximum utilization of environmentally friendly products and practices, providing v


Shivshrusti Holiday Home shriwardhan

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Shivshrusti holiday home awaits you in the world of traditional konkani kindness. Forget your worries in this beautiful Hotel comfortable with the beauty and warm kindness will remain memorable. Ne


Ocean Side Beach Resort shriwardhan

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Have you ever had a dream where you wake up and take a stroll down the beach from your window? Walk that soft sand and sit endlessly at a quite beach? Sip on some cold beer and eat amazing food, and f


Sea Wind Beach Resort shriwardhan

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Experience the exotic waves of serenity in nature's bed ........ Sea Wind beach resort is an exclusive hotel themed as an extravagant combination of nature's soothing care with urban comfor